Company Information

Our Mission

To provide proactive technical support and information to our clients
To supply products that will provide the best value based on customer needs
To keep current on new technology and developments to properly assist our clients.

Our Vision

To provide the highest level of service at affordable prices to individuals and small businesses.


  • Jody Holmes - Owner

    ...has provided excellent professional service with various projects including developing websites, IT support, and innovative ideas for our operations. Chris and David have been a valuable resource in helping us meet our business goals. I recommend their expertise in developing a personalized system to meet your needs

  • George Knott - Owner
  • Dustin Meyers - President, Movingmedia
  • Jennifer Hill - Dadavan Systems
David and Chris Wilson, Co-Founders of CMD

About Us & Company History

CMD Technology Solutions Corp. is a company dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses with digital technology. From personal computers to enterprise equipment, we can handle it all in a prompt and professional manner. We feel that many businesses are overwhelmed by the rapid changed in technology and the ever increasing costs of trying to keep up. Individuals are at a loss as to who to trust to tell them what they actually need to do the tasks that they want (or need) to do, both online and in their own computer.

Businesses speak to one person about computer hardware, another about software, and a third about networking. They have a different person looking after their website and another helping them with communications. None of these people ever meet, nor do they know what the other is recommending.

We recognized this issue years ago and started channeling our research and development time and money towards what we call 'Digital Integration'. This is a simple but highly effective concept. All of your planning, development, and purchases of technology should be coordinated and focused towards a set goal. Your technology needs to work for you, not rule how you work.

We design and implement custom software and hardware solutions, and make your website become your web presence. The smooth easy flow of information from your devices and programs is essential to your productivity. We conduct technology audits to ensure that the systems you have in place will help you achieve your goals.

Security, privacy and access to information need not be at odds with each other. With our background in security, loss prevention, and monitoring systems, we are able to assess your risks, and minimize them, while not creating additional workload for you or your staff.

Prevention is the key to information security and software reliability. We can tailor a system of preventative intervention for one computer, or a hundred, and find you a system that makes it affordable.

Our team will help you with security, hardware acquisition, and other disaster recovery policies. We can assist you in planning policies that will help you manage risks, without creating roadblocks to employee productivity and enthusiasm.

We have designed, developed, and implemented software such as our Kiosk Control Centre software, that responds to an industry need for control and security software for information portals and kiosk systems. We have designed software and hardware solutions for the digital sign industry, and have developed monitoring solutions to allow remote monitoring and diagnosis of network systems country wide.

We have designed and developed our own data centre, with full capability to provide our own domain name servers, mail, web and virtual servers. We do not resell website or email hosting, we provide it. We employ the most current email security systems to eliminate spam, and ensure the security of client information.

Our data centre can be fully operated remotely, allowing us to make changes and set up new clients on the fly, and automation of various tasks is implemented, improved and inspected continually. We provide full server hosting for advanced network software, and are able to custom tailor our servers to the clients needs, as we own and control them. We do not believe in limiting our clients to unreasonable controls on storage space, bandwidth and email accounts. Most of our clients pay no feeds for any of these services, and enjoy very generous limits, where limits apply.

We make use of our data centre to provide online tools that allow us to manage development projects with our clients on the fly, and make effective use of advanced communication tools.

A large percentage of our client service is diagnosed or completed remotely, which greatly enhances the speed at which we can turn around repairs and upgrades. We offer on-site service for all of our clients, from individuals with a single computer to corporate clients with advanced needs.

Our knowledge of advanced digital sign networks and our work with control software puts us in the unique position of being able to design your web presence and applications to interface with your digital sign network. Information sharing, corporate communications, and emergency management can be greatly simplified, and made to respond on the fly as needs change. We have staff members certified as technicians on some of the most elaborate software currently available. We can help you integrate digital signs, wall panel displays and digital walls into your information and communication system.

When disaster strikes, we can get you back in operation quickly, and at low cost. If we have put a recovery plan in place with you before disaster hits, it will be a simple matter to follow the plan. If not, we will do a quick assessment, and if needed bring our loaner hardware on-site to assist you in getting back in operation. We are experienced in working with insurance companies and adjusters. We will provide you with a damage report, and quickly outline the steps that you need to take to get on the road to recovery. We will work with other service agencies to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly, and quickly.